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Dr. Eilat Mazar - Israeli Archaeologist

Eilat Mazar

Eilat Mazar is a third-generation Israeli archaeologist, specializing in Jerusalem and Phoenician archaeology. A senior fellow at the Shalem Center, she has worked on the Temple Mount excavations, as well as excavations at Achzib. In addition to heading the Shalem Center's Institute of Archaeology, she is affiliated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

On August 4, 2005, Mazar announced she had discovered in Jerusalem what may have been the palace of the biblical King David, the second king of a united Kingdom of Israel, who ruled from around 1005 to 965 BC. Now referred to as the Large Stone structure, Mazar's discovery consists of a public building dated from the 10th century BC, pottery from the same period, and a bulla, or government seal, of Jehucal, son of Shelemiah, son of Shevi, an official mentioned at least twice in the Book of Jeremiah. The dig was sponsored by the Shalem Center and financed by an American investment banker. The land is owned by the Ir David (City of David) Foundation.

Amihai Mazar, a professor of archaeology at Hebrew University, and Mazar's cousin, called the find "something of a miracle."

Mazar obtained her Ph.D. from Hebrew University in 1997. She is the granddaughter of pioneering Israeli archaeologist Benjamin Mazar. She is a mother of four and resides in Jerusalem.

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